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AHS to Graduate 147

One hundred and forty-seven are candidates for graduation from Ada High School, Thursday evening at 8:00 o'clock.

They are: Larry Adair; Johnny Aldriedge; Jack Allen; Sandra Allen; Mary Ellen Alletag; Sharon Archer; Janet Baber; Kenneth Beam; Judy Beesley; Joseph Blankenship; Hinkle Blevins; Geniva Blythe; Curtis Bond; Betty Bottoms; Mary Ellen Brady; Karly Rae Brashear; Darrell Briscoe; Benny Brown; Linda Carriger; Jay Carter; Glenda R. Carter; Virgina Carter; Karen Castleberry; Melva Jo Caudle; Julia Chapman; Mike Chapman; Jean Cleere; Don Collier; Don Collings; Marilynn B. Colvard; O. B. Colvard; Jay Cranford; Lewis Daniels; Patsy Davis; Janease Deering; Bill Dillon; Nancy Domjanovich; Nancy Dveney; Jill Etier; Barrie Jean English; Dan Evans; Don Folger; Sue Lyn Forster; Wayne Frazier; Virginia Gardner; Doris Garrison; Janice Gilbert; Stuart Gluckman; Forrest Goodell; Sharon Gregg; Carolyn Guderian; Dick Guinn; Jean V. Gwin; Michelle Handley; Jackie Hankins; Geroge Hanson; Harold Haworth; Brenda Henry; Joyce E. Henry; James Hensler; Linda Hensley; Rose Marie Henson; Carole Jo Holmes; Jim Howe; Dell Howry.

Sherri Jackson; J. B. Jennings; Carol Jobe; Gary Jones; Nancy Jones; Joe Kelly; James King; Joe Knickmeyer; Jon Krause; John Kuras; Sue Laxton; James Lenehan; LeDon McAnally; Beth McCord; Bob McCurley; Anita Magee; Charles Mayhue; Jack Miller; LaWanda Mooney; Carolyn Morris; Glenda Morrison; Mike Nease; Jerry Nelson; Keih Orr; Ronnie Padberg; James Pannell, Helen Anne Parrish; Carolyn Pearson; Doris Peter; Ray Phillips; Virginia Phillips; Linda Plumlee; Wayne Putman; Patsy E. Raper; Gary Reed; Carolyn Reynolds; Ollie Roberts; Holly Robinson; David Rozeboom; Johnnie Scrivner; Benny Sleigh; Linda Smalley; Ann Lee Smith; Doug Smith; Jerry Smith; Jo Smith; Larry Smith; Ted Smith; Phillip Smith; Phyllis Smith; Gary Spears; Richard Spencer; Larry Stallings; Helen Stevens; Sue Stidham; Vestil Stiles; Sidney Sudberry; Sue Swisher; Bob Taylor.

Richard Teel; Judy Thompson; Richard Thompson; John Paul Thrash; Kenneth Tilley; Judy Timmons; John Turner; Louise Tyree; Steve Vandewalker; Nancy Wadlington; Ann Walker; Glen Walker; Jackie Walker; Jim Weatherford; Ann White; Barbara Williams; James Williamson; Charles Willis; Dickie Wilson; Richard Winn; Larna Witt; Zuda Wright and Jimmy Wynn.

The Future is Open
Jay Cranford

    In a few days the seniors will hold out their hand to receive thir diplomas. It is a serious occasion, but still more serious is the thought as to what the future holds.
    In this the age of space, our generation possesses inumerable opportunities. Many fields such as medicine, law, electronics and art are just opeing up.
  Today's senior has an important decision to make whether or not to continue his education. More and more seniors are planning to go to college. After college they plan to establish themselves in such fields as Physics, Research, Sports, Mechanics, Business, Designing and Farming.
    Yes, there is a decision to be made, there are many decisions to be made. There are a number of doors which will seem to be locked. However, this year's senior's are confident that these doors can be unlocked, for they have the key.