This was the first of our five year reunions and had an excellent turn out. It also had a surprise for those of us who had not waited to graduate for one reason or another.(Marriage, joined service, etc.) Below is the Reunion Group Picture and some photos of the various activities. As can be seen by the last group of photos, we found it hard to end the evenings at the end of the activities for that day. Impromptu parties continued in various hotel rooms until the early morning hours.

Photos on this page courtesy of Doug Smith and Jerry Smith. Thanks to Helen Anne Parrish, Jerry Smith, Nancy Domjanovich, Holley (Robinson) Izard, John Fred Jumper, George and Judy Hanson for identifications. Help would be welcomed for those unidentified. Any mistakes are mine. BILL

LAST UPDATED 11/28/2004

Front Row:
Mary Ellen Alletag Davenport, John Fred Jumper, Janet Baber Blankenship, Michelle Handley Barden, Carolyn Trimble Nickell, Jean Vail Coleman, Ann White Truscott, Linda Hensley, Sharon Gregg Cox, Linda Carriger Starkey, Sandy Smith Wilson, Jan Deering Hudson
Second Row:
Glenna Walker Faust, Jean Cleere James, Anna Lee Smith Michaud, Betty Bottoms Brown, Bill Dillon, Sue Laxton Sliger, Ann Walkere Holman, Nancy Wadlington Spears, Zuda Wright Russell, Judy Timmons Hanson, Nancy Dveney Pendergraft, Sherri Jackson Knight, Nancy Domjanovich
Third Row:
Helen Anne Parrish, Charles Mayhue, Raymond Phillips, Joe Knickmeyer, Holley Robinson Izard, Carolyn Morris, Ben Sleigh, Dick Wilson, Julia Chapman, Glenda Morrison Spencer, Beth McCord Hill
Fourth Row:
Mike Chapman, Isaac Blevins, Jerry Smith, Lanny Cranford, Richard Spencer(?), Dell Howry, Sidney Sudberry Greathouse, Bob McCurley, Doug Smith
Fifth Row:
Ted McNeilsmith, Stuart Gluckman, Forrest
Goodell, Don Folger, Bill Myrick, LeDon McAnally, Richard Guinn, Darrell Briscoe
Sixth Row:
Glenn Walker, Richard Thompson, George Hanson, Larry Stallings(?), James Hensler, Gary Reed, John Paul Thrash

A lot of work went into the preparation for this reunion. Cudos to everyone involved in the planning and implementation. Below Charlie and Helen Anne work on the storyboard that was displayed at the orientation at the Old Ada Public Library on Friday(?). Helen Anne worked many hours preparing this and it brought back many meories to all of us.


Wendell Raper, Curtis (Buster) Bond, Bob McCurley, Isaac (Ike) Blevins

Dwight and Zuda (Wright) Williamson

Patsy (Ely) Raper and Dell Howry

Ann (Anna Lee Smith) Michaud, Richard Spencer, Bill Myrick

Darrell Briscoe, Jack Miller, LeDon McAnally

Darrell Briscoe, Gary Reed, Jack Miller, Janelle Miller(?)

Joe Knickmeyer, Mary Ellen (Altag) Davenport, Leaning into picture(?)

Ann (Anna Lee Smith) Michaud, Raymond Phillips, Doug Smith, Isaac Blevins, Forrest Goodell, Nancy Goodell(?)

Doug Smith's wife, Sue and Billie McCurley

George Hanson, LeDon McAnally, and J.B. Jennings(?)

Sherri (Jackson) Knight, Bob McCurley, Mike Chapman, Chair(?), Regina Smith, Michelle (Handley) Barden, Nancy (Dveney) Pendergraph

Regina Smith, Jerry Smith, Michelle (Handley) Barden, Nancy (Dveney) Pendergraft, and Sherri (Jackson) Knight(back to camera)

Michelle (Handley) Bardin, Jo (Long) Chapman, Isaac (Ike) Blevins, George Hanson, Judy (Timmons) Hanson

Don Folger's wife Judi(?), Richard Thompson's wife, Marion(?), Lanny Cranford, Glenda (Morrison) Spencer, and Richard Thompson

Julia Chapman, Ann (Walker) Holman and Sue (Laxton) Sliger

Cheryl Handley and Ted (Smith) McNeilsmith

Jean (Vail) Coleman, with Nancy and Carlos Flores

Julia Chapman, Richard Guinn, Darrell Briscoe, Janelle Miller(?), Jack Miller

Bill Dillon, Barbara Dillon, and Carolyn (Trimble) Nickell

Charles (Charlie) Mayhue, James Hensler, Richard (Dick) Wilson

And what is the usual ending for a reception by the pool? Here Julia Chapman crawls from the pool after a dunking.

Glenda and Michelle(?) plot revenge on their assailants.


Richard Spencer, Leon Landrith, George Hanson and Dick Wilson

Ike Blevins and Jo (Long) Chapman

Any ID on this trio? Sherri (Jackson) Knight, Trudy (Crumb) Dveney(?) and Berl Williams

Which teachers? Arthur (Ott) Harrison and H.V. Burroughs

Zuda (Wright) Williamson, Ann (White) Truscott and Ann's father, Mr. White

Linda Hensley and Dick Wilson

Identification Please. Mrs. Gregg and Wilma Lane(?)

Bill Dillon and Ben Sleigh

Beth (McCord) Hill, (?), and Sharon (Gregg) Cox

Ann's Husband, Ann (Smith) Michaud

Bob McCurley, Mike Chapman and James Hensler

Paul Landrith and Arthur (Ott) Harrison(?)

Ken Hudson and Holley (Robinson) Izard

Mrs. Holmes, Julia Chapman, Sidney (Sudberry) Greathouse

PICNIC AT Byrd's Mill

Sharon (Gregg) Cox, Billie McCurley, Ann (Smith) Michaud, Ann's Husband(?)

Charlie began by serving from the Coca-cola cart, but later it became serve yourself by popular choice.

Michelle (Handley) Barden, Richard (Dick) Wilson, Glenda (Morrison) Spencer

Forrest Goodell and Isaac (Ike) Blevins

Jack Miller and Darrell Briscoe

(?) and Bill Myrick

(?), Billie McCurley, and (?)

Betty (Bottoms) Brown and Husband, Dean in background. On Blanket, Michelle (Handley) Barden, Jean (Vail) Coleman, and Ann (White) Truscott(?)

Stu Gluckman, Bob McCurley, and Ike Blevins

Glen Walker and John Jumper

Carolyn (Trimble) Nickell, Phyllis Smith, and (?)

Jo (Long) Chapman, Helen Anne Parrish, Nancy (Wadlington) Spears

James Hensler, Doug Smith and Bob McCurley


Berl Williams, Doug Smith and Jeanette Myrick

Joe Knickmeyer, Mary Ellen (Altag) Davenport, and Sidney (Sudberry) Greathouse

Kenneth Walston, Ann (White) Truscott and Stu Gluckman

Julia Chapman, Billie McCurley and James Hensler

Janet (Baber) Blankenship, Sherri (Jackson) Knight, Sue Smith, Bill Myrick, Jeanette Myrick

Holley (Robinson) Izard, Bob McCurley, Sherri (Jackson) Knight, Jeanette Myrick, Michelle (Handley) Barden, Mary Ellen (Altag) Davenport, Janet (Baber) Blankenship

Ben Sleigh and Sue Smith
The mystery man in photo 3 is Kenneth Walston. The twins enrolled in Hayes Elementary School in the middle of our third grade year. I am still mad because once Kenny Walston appeared, Carolyn McIntosh no longer knew I existed. They had older brothers Jerry, Don, and Bill. Myrna was a cousin. Kenneth married a Byng girl named Carolyn Slaton. They divorced, and have both since died. Kenneth died on Dec. 30,1998. They lived in the 700 block of east 14th. Jerry Walston runs a business one or two doors west of their old house today. Kenny has also died, but I am not sure when.


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